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Middelberg Guest Farm is a functional Karoo farm which is situated near the R318 road towards Montagu, 40km from De Doorns.  It is beautifully tucked away in a hidden fold in the mountains, off the beaten track, and offers visitors an idyllic escape from city life. 



The Karoo…

where the dust settles on my skin;  where the wind calls my name,

where my heart beats to every footfall;  where the open road spills into the sky above

where the grassy plains wave;  where the mountain looms at the end of the road

where my soul aches to live;  and yearns to lie down and die

where the windmills crank their weary song;  where the stars flash morse code from life far away in the universe

where camels blink in the moonlight;  and horses fly on dreams

where roads lead everywhere and nowhere;  where people’s faces are etched with the winds of change

where magic and mystery walk hand in hand;  down valley roads, glancing over their shoulders, beckoning me with secretive glances

where sacred ibises are hurled against the majesty of the blue sky; where hadedas call the night

where dusty dogs run free in streets of gold;  where owls know me by name

where I learned to fly for the first time;  where wise men seek the light

where each step is a dance of karoo magic;  where the spaces in between are filled by heaven

where the earth is mine;  where my soul finds its rest

where peace is in every breath;  where I inhale and know

I’ve come home


- Helen Lockhart - 

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